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  • Buki Peters

3 Ways to wear a Classic white top and jeans

There are some classic outfit pairings that just work. The jeans and t-shirt look is one of these and the pairings that everyone can wear regardless of their style. So, what are three ways to wear the white tee and jeans look? Chilled out, casual and dressed up.

The chilled out or lounge look is ideal for a very laid back setting such as a beach, picnic or music festival. What you'll need: A short sleeve cotton shirt, worn light blue denim (rips are not mandatory but cool) and accessorize with sandals, a loose necklace, rings and bracelets. When I style this look I like to leave my hair free in an Afro or in loose braids. If you wear makeup, do something fun and bright for a festival or go au naturel for the beachy look.

Now to the Dressed Up combo which I recommend for Fridays at a corporate office or a evening out after work to a restaurant or Lounge. What you'll need: a silk/ silk blend top, dark fitted denim (stay away from faded versions, the darker the better) and accessorize with heels, a statement necklace, and a signature (classic) bag. When I style the dress up combo I try to keep my look tight which means, my shirt is tucked in, my pants are fitted and my hair is in an undo. The goal is simultaneously look professional and feel comfortable.

Finally, the casual look which is the sweet spot combo is a go to weekend look. It is relaxed enough to feel comfortable in and presentable enough to wear around the city on errands. What you'll need: A slightly elevated white top (I like a bit or lace ), medium wash denim ( they can be fitted or relaxed fit) and accessorize with sandals or sneakers (converse are my fave), simple jewelry and minimal makeup if any.

These are three easy ways to style wear a Classic white top and jeans for every occasion. Please share if you decide to try any of these ways. Enjoy dressing!

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