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Four ways to wear a scarf

A scarf is one accessory that I think everyone can pull off, and I will show you how. I particularly like silk scarves because they can flow seamlessly through seasons, they are durable and they take up minimal closet space. The first way I like wear my silk scarves is around my head in bow. It frames my face and can sometimes help cover up a bad hair day.

Tie your scarf around your bun or ponytail.

The majority of my scarves are preowned, sourced from vintage and consignment stores because I like to hunt out unique prints and colors. The second way I wear my scarf is around my bun after I have pulled my hair back with a hair tie. It gives my look a clean finish and makes me look a little less uptight in a stiff bun.

Wear a scarf around your neck, like a neckerchief.

Wearing a scarf around your neck has been worn by flight attendants for decades for a reason. It's chic, easy and non fussy. But the best reason for me is a bit of warmth during the cooler seasons.

Wear your scarf in your pocket

And finally, I wear my scarves in my pocket and fluff it out because it's unexpected and fun. I like blurring the lines between playful and professional dressing and this is one of the easiest ways to do it, with a silk scarf!

So tell me, do you wear silk scarves and if so how do you style them? If you don't wear silk scarves will you try any of these ways?

Happy scarf styling and thank you so much for reading!

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